Pimp your iPhone X camera with Moment’s all new cases and lenses

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18 November 2017 / 16:02SGT

Apple’s stonkingly powerful iPhone X camera may the first to let you animate a cartoon turd, but serious photographers - at least the kind that don’t have room in their backpacks for a DSLR - want a bit more from their pocketable snappers. That’s where Moment’s kit comes in. It's introducing two new cases specifically for Apple’s latest: a standard Photo Case ($30, S$40), on sale from December, and a Battery Photo Case, which is still in development. The former is made from a thin yet sturdy rubberised body, with either a black canvas or wood finish. Hold on for the Battery Phone Case and you’ll get - you guessed it - Qi wireless charging support and a spare battery. There are four lenses that can be mounted to either case: tele ($100, S$135), for shooting 2x closer to the subject; an improved wide lens ($100, S$135); a superfish ($90, S$125), for what Moment calls ‘the widest shot possible on a phone'; and macro ($90, S$125), for your mega close-ups. Don’t even consider a city break until you’ve hoovered up the whole set.