Sennheiser's RS 130s are easy to use, sharp-sounding wireless cans offering pure aural perfection. First off, we were impressed by how the transmitter flashes if the source is too loud or too quiet, then we were thoroughly sold by the easily adjustable on-ear tuning and volume controls.  

Ooh, there's cleverThese cans are clever to boot. They'll get you the very best signal reception for your hi-fi or TV with a self-learning automatic level control, selflessly optimising your ears' pleasure.

The headphones are a good fit too, being surprisingly lightweight considering their chunky look.

They also have a range of up to 150m, SRS surround and will give 22 hours before the battery conks out. Good work.

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Sennheiser RS130 review

Sennheiser's RS 130 bring a welcome touch of wireless witchcraft to headphone land