With any snowboard boot, ultimately it’s the shape of your foot that determines how comfortable they are – the same pair can feel like heaven or hell to two different people. But if your foot fits, the Salomon F24s are sublime. Pull these pimped-up puppies on and you’ll be riding from dawn to, well, dawn.

Snow slipper

The F24’s liner is designed for maximum comfort and made with memory foam so you get a snug custom foot every time you slip them on. The sole also has a special gel that reduces damping. All this means that although they are relatively stiff they are extremely snug and comfortable.

Both the liner and the inner have one pull lacing systems making them very easy to do up. The outer lace also has several cleats so it can be custom tensioned for either a more relaxed feel or ramrod response.

Keeping a low profile

Unlike the vast majority of snowboard boots, the liner and outer are integrated. This gives the F24 a significantly lower profile bringing your foot closer to the board. With this lower centre of gravity comes a noticeably better feeling of control and energy transfer during turns.

Integrating the inner and outer boots means they are also far shorter than other boots of the same size. This is a real advantage if you have big feet as it could mean you can ride a standard board and don’t have to go for one with increased width.

Marry these boots to a pair of Salomon’s excellent Relay XLT bindings and you will have a near perfect set up for hard-core shredding: fine tuned response and ride all day comfort.


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Salomon F24 Snowboard Boot review

The F24 is a pimped-up snowboarding boot that looks bling but performs pro