It’s a myth that rear-projection tellies are just rubbish. They might have been once, maybe, but today you’re way off. Go for a set that uses DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology and you’ll get belting picture quality, complete with hi-def-friendly levels of resolution.

Fact is, if you want a seriously big screen for seriously sensible cash, you can’t do better than a rear-projection set.

Rear-projection tellies can be improbably big devices but the curvaceous Sagem is both more modestly sized and more living-room-friendly than some of its more monstrous siblings.

It’s also a tad easier on the eye – in every sense. With 1280x720 resolution and all the sockets you need, it’s ideally suited to 720p hi-def video, and the 45in screen should ensure an amply cinematic viewing experience for everyone.

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Sagem Axium HD-D45 review

Big but still rather beautiful, the Sagem proves that there’s still plenty of life in an apparently old dog: it’s a rear-projection set to be proud of