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Samsung Gear Fit review

Samsung's new wearable is Fit by name, but not by nature

Remember life before fitness bands? Those innocent days when tracking your health meant counting how many pints you’d downed that week and timing how long it took you to walk to the curry house?

Well they’re long gone. In fact there are so many fitness bands on the market now, we need someone to invent a fitness tracker tracker just to, er, keep track of them.

Samsung’s Gear Fit is the latest – a simple plastic band with a curved screen and a burning desire to keep you in shape. But it’ll have to do more than just count your steps if it’s to justify its £180 price tag and Samsung-only compatibility.

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No, it’s not the Gear 2

No, it

The Gear Fit’s not the only new wearable Samsung’s thrusting on to an already crowded marketplace – you might also be aware of its flashy cousins the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. Both are proper smartwatches, with the ability to run apps, make calls and, in the case of the Gear 2, take photos.

Given that both can also track your heart rate and count your steps, why would you choose a Gear Fit over the other two? Maybe it’s the lure of that curved screen. Or, maybe it’s a simple money thing; after all, the Gear 2 is a full £80 more expensive than the Fit.

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