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Propeller MP3 speaker review

The Propeller MP3 Speakers look like a ’60s exploratory satellite and take a single AA battery to get going

Isn’t it nice to see someone with a little design know-how dipping their toes into the portable speaker pool?

The Propeller comes across all 2001: A Space Odyssey with Shuffle-esque players, which make it look like a ’60s exploratory satellite. Or slap on a Sony NW-HD1, and it becomes a fancy pole with a big thick metal flag at the top.  

Looks aren’t everything…In any case, a single AA is all it takes to get the Propeller singing. Unfortunately, the aural experience it provides could be considered a tad painful, and there’s no volume control. Our advice? Buy for looks but whatever you do, don’t switch it on.

Stuff Says…

Score: 2/5