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Panasonic TX-P42G20 review

This Panasonic certainly has a lot going for it, not least great images, but it's expensive against its peers. Is that price justified?

Now that Pioneer has ceased TV production, we’re often asked if plasma TVs have had their day.

Well, Panasonic certainly doesn’t believe this to be the case. The company has made more than its fair share of plasma sets over the years, and now that former Pioneer engineers are wearing Panasonic colours, we don’t expect its stance to change too soon.

The G20 range sits at the more affordable end of the long list of Panasonic TVs. Resolution is still up to Full HD standard, while the set also includes Panasonic’s Neo PDP plasma technology and a 600Hz Sub-field drive with Intelligent Frame Creation Pro motion processing.

Freesat HD and Freeview HD tuners

Integrated Freesat tuners have become increasingly common on Panasonic TVs and you’ll find the relevant screw-in connection on the back of the P42G20.

The company’s generosity also extends to an integrated Freeview HD tuner, so you can access BBC HD and ITV HD without the need for an external dish.


Comparing the two, the Freeview HD picture isn’t up to the standard of the Freesat image. Whether watching HD or standard-definition content, Freesat channels display greater solidity, composure and clarity.

Traditional plasma strengths

Switch to DVD playback and you’ll notice those traditional plasma strengths straight away, especially with regards to the deep black levels.

Blu-rays paint a glorious, colourful picture. The palette is rich and natural, though the colour is laid on quite thickly compared with the Sony KDL-40EX503. There’s decent depth, and shifts in pace are handled with only the slightest of twitches.

As long as you don’t crank the volume to crazy levels, the sound is perfectly acceptable. There’s reasonable solidity in the low frequencies, and high notes don’t sound shrill or disturbing.

The P42G20 just goes to show there’s plenty of life in plasma yet. We can’t wait to see what models higher up the Panasonic chain are capable of.


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Score: 4/5

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