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Nokia N93 review

Even though the N93 is big, it's filled with some brilliant technology, and it's a cinch to use

Small phones are great, and we love them. The problem is, it’s really difficult to get decent features into them. Nokia has decided to place function over form for the N93. When it was pulled from its box, it was met with a chorus of ‘who ate all the pies’ until we realised what it’s about.

The N93 has a Carl Zeiss lens, perfect for making the most of the sensor’s 3megapixel rating. And the results from the 3MP/Zeiss pairing are sublime. You get bags of detail and bright, realistic colours. Our only bugbear is the flash. If it had an LED flash a la Sony Ericsson K800i, and a snappy optical zoom, it could well be the first phone to worry compact cameras.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5