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Logic 3 Soundstation review

This 2.1 system gives you big sounds from your tiny PSP, and even charges it. But is it a PlayStation frippery?

The PSP has never inspired the kind of third-party devotion that still sees the iPod deluged with gifts on a daily basis, but recently some bespoke docks have belatedly appeared. Following Tannoy’s SPC9200 is this effort from Logic3.

This mains-powered charging dock works as a speaker system for your PSP, with two speakers and a sub to beef up your its video playback. It’s capable of supplying room-sized sound – with the only problem being that you’ll have to sit two feet away anyway, otherwise you can’t see the tiny screen.

Audio boost

You can even plug it in via a tiny cable so you can get big sounds while you’re playing games. Of course, your PSP doesn’t charge, but you can actually reach the keys, which is always good.

The SoundStation really isn’t bad – speech is crisp and clear, music comes through sounding, well, like music, and most importantly shotgun blasts sound great. It also has one of those virtual surround buttons, which makes everything sound weird. You can safely ignore this. It all goes horribly wrong when you turn it up, but it is only £50, after all.

For UMD fans

The only real drawback is that it’s an extremely niche product. There aren’t exactly many movies on UMD and if you’re pirating so many off the web that a device like this becomes worthwhile, you may as well watch them on your PC.

Still, if you’re reading this review, and thinking, “I live in a tiny cell, hate watching movies on my PC, and have a huge UMD collection,” then be our guest. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…


Stuff Says…

Score: 3/5