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Gore Concept Airvantage review

The Airvantage is the most expensive cycling jacket you’re likely to find – but also one of the most useful

Cyclists are a fickle lot. Last year it was all about Gore-Tex. This year it’s all about the new waterproof wonder-fabric eVent, which we reckon is even more breathable than its rival.  

The problem is that this also means it’s cooler – fine if you’re stuffed with layers, but less good when said layers are soggy or sweaty. If you want the best of both worlds, the high-priced but brilliant Airvantage jacket should be on your shopping list. 

Puffer jacket

A small tube, like the type you get on those yellow lifevests on planes, lets you inflate the central body area of the Airvantage. Why? So that at the end of a long ride, or when you take a rest break, you can keep your body warm. The increased insulation of the trapped air keeps you from catching a chill. 

Pit drips

As Gore-Tex isn’t as breathable as eVent, this high-end, well-featured jacket also features the next best thing – zips in your armpits. Open the floodgates and purge the worst sweat straight out, even in a rainstorm. 

And a final plus, if you need excuses to spend this much on a jacket, is that like most of Gore’s Bike Wear range the cut on this jacket is perfect. Try it on standing up in a shop, and it’ll feel decidedly odd. But lean over a bike and suddenly everything falls perfectly into place. Now that’s smart tailoring.


Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5