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Geneva Model M review

This slick device sets out to prove that iPod docks needn’t be cheap and nasty…

iPod dock and FM radio

A no-nonsense slab of an iPod dock, the beautifully finished Model M’s only other features are an FM radio and a 3.5mm input. A dinky remote gives you access to six radio presets, skip and volume functions, and the backlit, touch-sensitive buttons on the unit become invisible when not in use. A subtle display behind the grille gives you input and volume info, and that’s it.

Sound quality

Better than anything similar we’ve heard at this price. Yes, anything. It’s serious sound that a separates system would be proud of, and the M is as happy with house as it is with indie. Bass is powerful but controlled, while vocals are exceptionally clear and revealing. Cranking the volume is all too easy, but it’s a classy performer that doesn’t need to dazzle you with decibels. Although it outwardly appears no different to the previous Model M, this new edition has had a complete redesign under the skin, and you can really hear it.

Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5