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Gallery Lock Pro review

If your photo album is a veritable closet bursting with skeletons you'll want to make sure the door's firmly locked

For many of us, the only camera we always have with us is the one on our phone. So when there’s the opportunity to take a risqué snap, that’s where it ends up.

Occasionally we’ll lend a phone to a friend to make a call or try out a new app, and oh, wouldn’t you know it, they’ve started sifting through our photos again. Oh, and now THAT photo is on Facebook. FML.

To keep prying eyes away from your more sensitive albums, and to make sure your social life doesn’t end up in tatters, Gallery Lock Pro has the answer. It’ll remove selected photos and videos from your phone’s main gallery, only allowing access via the app, which can be protected with a PIN or pattern lock.

But of course, having a photo-hiding app on your phone could arouse suspicion in itself, so to avoid the Spanish Inquisition it can be hidden and only accessed by dialling the PIN directly on your phone’s keypad as if you were making a call. This is unquestionably one of the smartest app features we’ve seen.

What you do behind closed doors is your own business (whether it’s night time photography or a filthy Pokemon and Disney obsession)  – Gallery Lock Pro simply makes sure it stays that way.

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Score: 4/5