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Bush DFTA11 review

It’s a Freeview tuner. It’s made by Bush. And, as you’d expect, it’s very, very cheap.

There may be some great Freeview recorders on the market – take a bow, TVonics, Humax and Sony – but not everyone wants their digital telly served in a huge box with a 160GB hard-drive and HDMI on the side.

If you’ve got the box room or are just dipping your toes into Freeview waters for the first time, you need a compact, easy-to-use set-top box with a decent picture quality. And, amazingly, the DFTA 11 offers all of this for the price of a night out.

Good connections

Like most Freeview boxes in the budget price range, the DFTA 11 sports a simple array of sockets: RF in and out, and two Scart outputs. Bush has also included a pair of analogue stereo audio outs for good measure.

Set-up is easy and the onscreen menus are slick and well designed. And unlike some other budget units, the Bush isn’t too slow on the uptake – responding quickly to remote commands and doing its job without any fuss.

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The price is right

As we started to test the Bush we were still waiting on a confirmation from the manufacturer of its price. An excellent picture performance meant we expected it sit just under the £100 mark.

But rejoice, for those careless people at Bush seem to have mistakenly slapped a £30 price tag on this box and we confess to shamefully not mentioning this howler.

Instead, we slapped a five-star rating on this sleek silver tuner faster than you can say the words ‘solid’, ‘gold’ and ‘bargain’.


Stuff Says…

Score: 5/5