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Bose TriPort review

Bose’s TriPort headphones are revealing, weighty and substantial. And they look a bit special, too

Light and extremely snug, these Bose ‘phones feel like two fluffy clouds against your ears, thanks to the ear cushions’ ergonomic design.

The sound they produce will have you floating in the ether, too: they’re revealing, weighty and substantial. And they also look a bit special, being solid but not cumbersome.

Floaty ‘phones for floaty music

Good old Bose acoustic headphone technology gives exceptional sound, fine-tuning the frequency response of the headphones to give a richer, clearer sound. The only drawback is the occasional harshness may require warm, floaty music being high on your playlist: not good if you’re a die-hard Motorhead fan.

You can hook the TriPort up to your portable or stay put with your hi-fi – the five foot extension cord will have you wandering around the house like a happy tethered dog. And even the biggest head is accommodated by the adjustable headband, with up to three inches to play with.

These headphones have minimalist style, maximum comfort, and deliver detail and depth in droves.

Stuff Says…

Score: 4/5