There’s no getting away from it, the PDP-607XD’s main selling point is its size. It may not be the very biggest flatscreen out there – Panasonic makes a 103in screen that makes the Pioneer look like a bedroom telly – but it is every inch the statement TV.

Size matters

But don’t go contemplating turning your pocket-sized studio flat into some kind of personal IMAX theatre. Letting the big screen visuals just wash over you sounds like fun but the PDP-607XD works best when it’s got some room to breathe.

So if you’re going to end up closer than four metres from the screen do yourself a favour and go for something smaller. Much smaller.

Nevertheless, if the size of your wallet matches the size of your pad then you’ll be quids in with this monster telly.

The bigger picture

First up, the internal tuner is top quality, ensuring that off-air images are extremely clean and detailed with great colour balance and fine contrast.

There are also two HMDI ports – ideal for hooking up your Sky HD and PS3 simultaneously – and a PC input should you want to turn it into an outrageously large computer monitor.

Colour me good

Things get better when you feed the PDP-607XD a DVD or hi-def disc – colours appear rich and detailed and moving edges are precise.

And despite the fact this Pioneer isn’t full HD you won’t complain when you see the glorious images splashed across its huge surface. It’s an incredible set for those that can afford it.

Stuff says... 

Pioneer PDP-607XD review

The PDP-607XD delivers a top quality picture on a monumental scale. There are more sophisticated sets out there but they’re just, well, smaller