Twenty-nine inch wheels have some big advantages over standard 26in mountain bikes. They have better grip and stability thanks to their larger contact area and shallower angle of attack over obstacles, and once up to speed they go faster. 

The traditional downsides are that 29ers can be ponderous to get going, steer sluggishly and don’t work well in small sizes for short blokes. But working around these obstacles is something On One does well, as shown by the Inbred 29er. 

Silk speeds

On One has always made silk purses out of what others consider sows’ ears by doggedly concentrating on what works and why, and the Inbred is no different. Like its fully rigid, no-suspension stablemates, it’s light, cheap and works brilliantly. 

It also doesn’t have the maintenance hassles of forks, rear shocks and gears, and forces you to concentrate on your raw skills and fitness. 

Big wheel sensuality

In short, On One is the first company to get bigger wheels right. The frame tube angles and fork offset all combine to make for a bike that takes off fairly fast, climbs brilliantly, rolls over anything and whips through tight turns.  

You get all of the benefits of 29in wheels, with the downsides massaged to nearly nothing. And, if you don’t like the ‘keep it real’ ethos of no gears, no suspension, On One will sell you gears and a front fork to stick on the bike too.


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On One Inbred 29er review

The InBred 29er sits in a niche of a niche – but for taller riders it hits the bumps just right