Waterproof footwear isn't renowned for wowing the catwalks with its style and grace. And while Nike's new Soaker won't be to everyone tastes, it does mark the dawn of two innovations – one for you and one for the environment, which seems like a fair deal.

The one for you is an anti-flood system to keep your feet dry. Look past the breathable textile upper and you'll see a perforated footbed sending water to the 'bowels' of the shoe and releasing it rapidly via tiny portholes in the Phylon midsole. A bit like Das Boot's dramatic moments in miniature.

Earth-friendly trainers

The Soaker was also an early adopter of Nike's decision to apply the Al Gore appeasing, eco-friendly Considered philosophy to the ACG range, meaning a recycled rubber sole, less solvent-based adhesives and a bare minimum of waste during the build process.

It certainly helps that The Soaker actually looks like a training shoe, with a simple design and a bumper that homages Converse's rubber-toed Jack Purcells and Chuck Taylors, nor is it a coincidence that there's a spot of duck boot design in that forefoot.

Available in a mid or low-cut (pictured), the latter carries the most instant appeal. Effective on land and water, there's now no excuse for wasting precious seconds dodging puddles.

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Nike ACG Soaker review

The Soakers will keep your feet dry in the deepest of puddles, although their design is firmly in Marmite territory