You can now get a 4K screen for less than £500

Ultra HD is the new normal
You can now get a 4K screen for less than £500

If you're about to drop £1,500 on LG's recently discounted 55in 4K TV for your Ultra HD fix, you might want to think again.

Samsung and AOC have revealed their own 28in 4K monitors - and they're both under £500. Sort of.

The widescreen Samsung U28D590 is currently up for pre-order for £499.99, while AOC's U2868PQU is a whole penny cheaper at £499.98.

Both monitors are set to hit shelves in early June, and will be the cheapest way for gadgeteers to get their 4K fix without spending over £1,000 on a TV.

Granted there's a big size difference between a 28in monitor and 55in TV, but for designers craving more screen real estate, or gamers with rigs powerful enough to push all those glorious pixels, these two screens are a veritable bargain.

You can now get a 4K screen for less than £500

Movie fans might have a harder time justifying the purchase of a 4K monitor however. 4K content is still scarce, with the majority of it still residing on YouTube. Its compression means that you won't be getting the best quality however, although you could always make your own mini 4K movies if you've got a capable smartphone like the Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5, or upcoming LG G3.

Netflix has already begun streaming selected content like House of Cards to selected 4K TVs, but it's unclear whether or not its 4K service is supported on its web player for capable PCs to take advantage of.

We've contacted Netflix to confirm whether or not PC owners with 4K screens will be able access the Ultra HD content it offers, and will update this story accordingly.

If it's still only limited to TVs for the time being, then even a £500 price tag probably won't be enough to tempt users, until more 4K content is widely available.

Either way, the 4K entry price is dropping, which is good news for everyone.

Update: Samsung has informed Stuff that its 4K monitor will drop to £480 once it hits more retailers, making it all the more sweeter.

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