Xbox One won't play Xbox 360 games, doesn't need an always-on internet connection

The Xbox One won't play nice with your existing library, but at least you can play offline. Watch out for that second-hand game fee though…
Microsoft Xbox One

Despite its impressive performance at Microsoft's Xbox Reveal event, the Xbox One will be disappointing Xbox 360 users who want to slim down their console connection. Due to its new architecture, the Xbox One won't be compatible with any Xbox 360 games.

On the plus side, rumours of that dreaded always-online internet connection have been quashed. Sort of. While gamers won't be blocked from playing games if they lose their connection, developers can still choose to create games that can't be played offline.

Another nasty rumour which floated around pre-Xbox One launch day was that the Xbox One would block used games. 

While not entirely true, Wired has confirmed that using a second hand game disc will require an as-of-yet-undisclosed fee, so watch this space.

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