Xbox One UK price drops to just £329.99

Microsoft’s console is now £100 cheaper than when it first launched
The Xbox One is now just £330 – but you won't get a Kinect

Watch out, Sony – Microsoft has just fired the latest shots in the next-gen console price war.

The company has reduced the price of its Kinect-free Xbox One console package to £329.99 in its own online store (that's £100 less than the original price), while Amazon UK now have a white Xbox One bundled with Sunset Overdrive available to pre-order at just £329.

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A new console price war?

An Xbox One and Sunset Overdrive: just £329 on Amazon

Microsoft is yet to officially announce the price cut, but it’s likely a tactic to try and gain ground on Sony, whose PlayStation 4 (available for around £345 bundled with Destiny) is far and away the leader in terms of consoles sold.

Whatever Microsoft’s motivations, it’s great news for punters about to invest in a new console. And it might cause Sony to chop a few quid off the price of the PS4 in the run-up to Christmas too.

[Source: Eurogamer]

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