Xbox One E3 games round-up

All the games, all the action and all the gaming lust from Microsoft's Xbox One event

We've rounded up all the best Xbox One games from E3, in trailer form, ready for your analytical eye.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield returns, bigger and louder than ever. Seriously, ours ears were bleeding at the Xbox One event after watching gameplay footage, packed to the brim with bullet spraying, explosions and more action than an Arnie movie on steroids. Running at a smooth 60fps, we were treated to gameplay footage showing off plenty of bad guy shooting on an aircraft carrier. Let the great Call of Duty vs Battlefield debate begin...

Release date: 1st November 2013

Forza Motorsport 5

Our jaws were truly dropped when we first laid eyes on Forza 5's virtual McLaren XP1 supercar. Everything from the light reflecting off the perfectly waxed paint to the fine details in the leather stitching on the inside is a spectacular sight to behold, and that's before you've even stepped in. Once you're done drooling and actually take cars for a spin, you'll automatically create you're own intelligent 'drivatar' – a virtual representation of yourself which learns your habits and races other players automatically, even when you're not playing, earning you points in the process. Powered by cloud processing, it's the next step beyond traditional in-game AI and we can't wait to take it for a spin.

Release date: November

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Solid Snake returns in an epic open world title which sees him doing what he does best, despite losing an arm. It looks gorgeous, and seeing Snake ride around in the open world on horseback Red Dead Redemption style brings shivers down our spines. With real-time dynamic weather and a true-to-life in game passage of time, the latest Metal Gear solid looks set to be a true blockbuster.

Release date: TBA

Dead Rising 3

Love smashing zombie skulls? Then you'll love the latest iteration in the Dead rising series which looks better than ever and cranks the ridiculousness levels up to 11. The ability to create ludicrous weapons is of course still present, and we were treated to a fantastic demonstration of the sledgesaw – a graceful device with a chainsaw at one end and a sledge hammer on the other. Needless to say, we cheered rather loudly when it sliced a zombie straight down the middle.

Release date: November 2013

Halo 5

Microsoft artfully introduced the next generation Halo by introducing a mysterious cloaked figure wandering a desert before coming face to face with a gargantuan alien contraption. The minute we saw the black gloved hand slip out of the rags though, we knew exactly who was being teased. Lo and behold, out pops the iconic helmet of the Chief. A painfully short teaser trailer that reveals nothing about the new Halo apart from its 2014 release date, but we'll happily gorge on it all the same.

Release date: 2014

Ryse: Son of Rome

Don't let the silly name put you off. Marius Titus is a Roman soldier who's as tough as they come, and looking to avenge the death of his family. Epic battles and fluid (not to mention incredibly gory) quick time combat events should please gamers who enjoy seeing pointy metal things slice through people with ease.

Release date: November 2013

Quantum Break

Quantum Break is an ambitious concept in which your in-game actions influence your personal version of its TV show counterpart. You play as Jack Joyce, a man whose brother dies in a science experiment gone wrong and gains the ability to manipulate time. Throw in some fourth dimensional stuttering and the threat of the world ending (always a good motivator) and you've got yourself a unique romp through time. With plenty of explosions too, naturally.

Release date: TBA

Project Spark

Project Spark is like Little Big Planet on steroids, turning the process of making a game into a game itself. Using Kinect, the Xbox One controller and the additional features of Xbox SmartGlass, you can play god, creating your perfect world from scratch. Choose and shape terrain, manipulate the weather and even the time of day. Spawn a rock, and give it the soul of a faithful dog. Create waves of goblin enemies for you to smite with your fearsome powers. Your only limit is your imagination. You can even challenge friends to play your creations, and tweak other people's worlds as you see fit.

Release date: TBA

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This open world Witcher title boasts more than 100 hours of combat and magic-infused gameplay with plenty of side quests to distract you from your main objective.Optional Kinect voice commands for item swapping and casting spells along with SmartGlass inventory support also bring a few new tricks to the Witcher series. We're confidently filing this in the 'sucks time up like a black hole' box, alongside Skyrim and Reddit.

Release date: TBA


One of the Xbox One's rare indie games is Below, a dark top-down rogue tale which sees you pitted against an evil AI character which uses Kinect to change level progression depending on your room's surroundings.

Release date: TBA

Crimson Dragon

Crimson Dragon's blend of aerial dragonback combat is brought exclusively to the Xbox One by the team behind the original Panzer Dragoon. Fast-paced flying action combined with trigger-happy shooting? Sounds good to us.

Release date: TBA

Sunset Overdrive

This rather mental open world shooter sees you take the helm of a free-runner-come-mutant-killer whose arsenal of wacky and utterly overpowered weapons create plenty for destruction fans to get excited about. Exclusive to Xbox One, we're looking forward to diving into its brightly coloured world as soon as possible.

Release date: TBA


This episodic noir adventure stars a detective with the ability to go back in time. What better way to use those powers than heading back to prevent his wife's murder?

Release date: TBA

Killer Instinct

Rare's classic fighter was met with many a cheer during its reveal, probably due to the fact that it's been on the bench since its 1996 Nintendo 64 release. Judging by the short clip we saw, it'll be just as hectic, just as violent, and just as addictive. With better graphics of course.

Release date: November 2013


Smashing enemies to pieces with your bare hands or gunning them down can get a little tedious after a while, so why not step into a gigantic mech and let it make life a little easier on yourself? Big guns, big robots and more explosions and bullets than you can shake a giant metal arm at.

Release date: Spring 2013

Minecraft: Xbox One Edition

Everyone's favourite blocky open world adventure gets a next-gen spit and polish with larger maps for even more insane structures with more multiplayer features and enhanced gameplay tweaks.

Release date: TBA