Wrist easy with this Apple Watch camera strap

Leave your phone in your pocket, shoot from the wrist

A camera in a watch strap? Looks like Apple are borrowing ideas again. 

Please. As if you haven't done a little emulation to get where you are. Anyway, CMRA isn’t even made by Apple. Check your facts before you go around making false allegations. It’s made by video-chat app makers Glide, and it’s the first product to give your Apple smartwatch the ability to snap pictures without the aid of your mobile.

But I thought the Galaxy Gear did this years ago?

Well, the Virtual Boy was the first true virtual reality gaming headset, yet you’re still getting giddy over the Oculus Rift, aren't you?

Anyway, the Galaxy Gear only had the one camera, while CMRA has two: an outward facing 8MP camera and a 2MP selfie cam. Plus, while the Gear’s camera drained the battery like a blood thirsty leech, the CMRA strap has a self-contained battery. It's good for 'hundreds of photos or 30 minutes of HD video' say its makers. The bundled night stand lets you charge both your Watch and the strap simultaneously.

I have a pretty good camera on my mobile. I don’t need this.

Think of the convenience! If you randomly run into a deer, for example, you'll be able to lift the CMRA into position far quicker than digging around in your pocket for your phone. And more subtly, too: those deer are painfully camera-shy. 

Pictures and videos sync with your iPhone and Watch using the strap's built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, though it also has 8GB of internal storage if you've left your phone at home. You can also use the CMRA strap to make video calls though the Glide app.

You’ve twisted my wrist. How much is it?

You can pre-order it now for US$149 but, be warned, the price will eventually rise to US$249. The pre-order price reduction is to make up for the fact that we’re going to have to wait until early 2017 for CMRA to ship.