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World’s first folding electric car

City dwellers rejoice. Hiriko Motors has your space-saving issues sorted with this mini e-motor

Inner city parking spots are rarer than a Jeremy Clarkson smile. And he certainly wouldn’t be displaying his pearly whites for this eco-friendly space-saving solution from MIT and Hiriko Motors.

It’s built using four drive motors, suspension, brakes, and steering systems for each wheel, meaning that the car can fold up small for parking in town. And with a 70-mile range getting around all over, all day, won’t be a problem. Well presuming you don’t mind the 31mph speed limit from this 20 horsepower electric innovation.

It might not be the most amazing-looking motor, but it’ll certainly draw some curious glances when you fold it up to fint in a space. And for city driving it’s ideal. No pricing or release a date are available yet, but if it was would you be interested? Let us know what you think on Twitter.

[Via DesignBoom]

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