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Windows Hotmail gets an overhaul

And you thought annoying email cleanouts would never be a thing of the past, think again.

Hotmail, one of the oldest and still most popular email clients, isn’t too big or stuck-up to make changes, and the latest few are great. Email used to be cool and novel but now it’s as much of a chore to trawl through as all that unread mail on your doormat after a holiday.

Now Windows Hotmail has introduced Scheduled Cleanup to automatically delete emails of a certain age, getting rid of old newsletters and out-of-date offers automatically. Flagging is also made easier as any priority emails are automatically placed at the top of your list. Another time-saver is Smart Newsletter Filtering and Instant Actions, which allows you to highlight and delete newsletters and mail with only one click of a hover-over pop-up menu.

One of the best new features tackles Grey Mail – Hotmail’s term for those newsletters and promotional emails that you’ve signed up to (or forgotten to check out of signing up to) and want to unsubscribe from but can’t be bothered. Now you just check Unsubscribe in the options and Hotmail sorts it for you. Very nice touch.


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