Why the Samsung Galaxy Note won’t get ICS until Q2

Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to the Note, but thanks to new Premium Suite software, it’ll take a little longer

Samsung Galaxy Note owners will have to keep twiddling their S Pens a little longer in the wait for Ice Cream Sandwich. While the Samsung Galaxy S II is starting to get ICS rolled out this week, the extra coding required for the stylus-toting Note will mean a wait until as late as June for its new Premium Suite software.

The update to Premium Suite – which includes all your favourite S Pen apps – will mean S Note now recognises and digitises numeric formulas, geometric shapes and even grids and tables (scientists: cheer now). The update will also include My Story, a tool that lets you create digital cards using anything from notes and texts, to videos, photos and even voice recordings (blokes who forget birthdays until the last minute: cheer now).

And finally you'll get access to an exclusive Angry Birds Space level. There's also 30 Danger Zone levels. Will it be worth the wait?

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