Why Nokia is swapping luxury Vertu phones for Scalado

Nokia's rethinking where it splashes its cash and it looks like we'll see some amazing photo tricks in the next Lumia phones

Diamond-clad phones are out and PhotoBeamer is in at Nokia's Espoo and Lund HQs this week. The Finnish phone-makers are streamlining their finances with three execs hitting the block, 10,000 planned job cuts and the sale of luxury brand Vertu, which designs some seriously up-market handsets like the concierge-toting Constellation T

The problem Nokia faced was that Vertu smartphones are impossibly expensive (you have to buy one to find out but they're in the region of £4,000+) and have some disappointing spec, like the choice of the Symbian OS. So focussing on its Windows Phone handsets like the Lumia 800 and 900 seems like a good move.

That's where buying Scalado comes in. Scalado's imaging experts have built impressive iPhone and Android apps like Scalado PhotoBeamer and Scalado Album for beaming your snaps to monitors and sprucing up your image gallery not to mention RIM's plans to integrate its photo tech into the BlackBerry 10 camera.

Scalado also has software called Remove for tapping any unwanted subjects that moved into your frame to make them disappear – PhotoShop magic without being chained to a desktop.

With a 41MP Lumia phone confirmed, it's obvious Nokia is serious about your phone's photo smarts. And with that sexy Lumia build and some spec bumps, the next-gen Lumias could be serious contenders for our cash.

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