Want to try the HTC Vive? Pop down to Harrods

Stroll in and treat yourself to a personal virtual demo

Slow-walking tourists, people forcing leaflets in your hands, bucket drummers and street dancers taking up half the pavement - London can be bloody infuriating at times.

Luckily you can escape the madness by popping into Harrods’ electrical department, where you’ll be able to strap into HTC’s Vive VR headset for a personal demo.

The Vive is the most expensive VR headset we’ve seen so far, launching at an eye-watering £690 - though that does include two wireless controllers and motion sensors which enable you to walk around your room - a feature that sets it apart from the £500 Oculus Rift.

You’ll also be able to order the Vive from Harrods directly, though you’ll get it later than your keen mates who pre-ordered it a while ago.

Still, while they’re busy messing around in virtual worlds this week, at least you can say you’ve had a go yourself.