VR wizard duels on the way from Ratchet & Clank creators Insomniac

Furry friendly 3rd person brawler coming to Oculus too

Ever wonder what chaos Tyler Durden could have created if he'd have been a figment of Harry Potter's imagination?

That's basically the pitch for Insomniac Games' latest step into virtual reality. First person 1v1 fighter The Unspoken puts a Necronomicon worth of magic spells at your fingertips, for taking on other players in mystical showdowns.

It's built for the Oculus Touch controllers, so you'll be slinging spells with your hands, drawing incantations in mid-air and blocking bolts of lightning with your fists - so a lot more immersive than using an Xbox controller.

You can teleport around each arena to dodge enemy spells, collect (and we're guessing here) eyes of newt or hair of the dog to craft more advanced magic.

We're not expecting Street Fighter-like complexity, but the 25 different spells should give you plenty of ways to play.


Flinging fireballs in first person not your thing? Insomniac's also working on furry third person brawler Feral Rites.

Think of it like a mix of Zelda-style puzzles and exploration, and brutal God of War-style fighting action. Based on the teaser trailer, it looks like you'll be trekking through jungles, hunting down items and fighting off enemies with extended combo attacks.

It looks like you'll be able to morph into a beefed-up animal hybrid, too, just like 90's classic Altered Beast.

Both games are landing on the Oculus store later this year, but you won't have to wait quite so long for Insomniac's horror explorer Edge of Nowhere; that's launching on the 6th of June.