This Volta bike is a dichotomy of secrets and transparency

Hides its electricity; reveals your shopping to all

They could have called it ‘Bikotomy’. 

Which is why, and why not, we don’t get to name things. But ‘Volta’ works: it hints at the motor within the rear hub, and the battery contained within the frame. Whether you get it with single-speed belt drive or classic gears-and-chain spec, there’s 40 miles of blissful assistance in that there iron horse.


Sound heavy, man. 

Apparently not. Pure Cycles say that, by its minimalist frame design and by not going for one of the big crank motors that some electric bikes use, the Volta weighs about 15kg. A few kay-gees heavier than a normal bike, for shizzle, but you could get it up a flight of stairs. Maybe two, if you haven’t filled up that handy forward-facing beer basket. 

It’d all leak out, wouldn’t it? 

Call us Practicality Gone Mad, but we were supposing that you beer might be in some sort of containers. And, indeed, whatever else you’ve picked up from the hipster bazaar. Though you might have to curtail your spending a little: the Volta is currently trending at US$1499 on Kickstarter. Though, for your monies, you do also get the smartphone app that tracks your fitness (when you're on it) and tracks your bike (when a thief's on it).