Vita Audio R4 IMS powers out

Vita Audio’s always been up there when it comes to cranking out top–end all–in–one stereos. And now they’re readying ano

It’s certainly not short on grunt. Under that walnut veneer you’ll find a monster 80 watts of power, as well as DAB and FM tuners.

Then there’s USB support, a dock for your ‘Pod plus two auxiliary ports if you’re not packing an Apple–flavoured jukebox.

As well as playing bog–standard CDs, it’ll also play MP3s and WMAs from disc. Clearly they’re catering for every muso who stashes tunes in a ridiculously haphazard manner. Not unlike a few of us here at Stuff Towers.

Vita says it’s “fighting the wave of plastic tat”, a fight we’re happy to lend our names too. Obviously, joining this war against cheap–looking kit will cost. £500 to be precise. Still, that’s a snip for what you’re getting.


Vita Audio R4 IMS

Price: £500

On sale: June

Contact: Vita Audio