Video review - Blackberry Bold 9780

The Blackberry Bold 9780 may look like an exact replica of the 9700, but there are more differences that meet the eye; most notably, the inclusion of the new Blackberry 6 OS.

It's true, the Blackberry Bold 9780 incites feelings of deja vu. But once you've spent five minutes with it, or just intensely stare at it for a really really long time you'll spot a few minor design differences. So as the physical appearance of both handsets are virtually identical, the 9780 is hardly what you'd call revolutionary, but there are some much welcomed changes. Like a camera upgrade and the fact it's the first full QWERTY-equipped RIM handset to get the Blackberry 6 OS treatment, which we first clapped eyes on with the Blackberry Torch.

Releasing multiple devices with minor hardware differences is something we're used to with Blackberry (remember the Curve 83xx series?), so while it may look like a 9700 clone, the 9780 will simply confirm what we knew all along - that RIM make brilliant QWERTY handsets. But can the Blackberry 6 OS survive without a touchscreen? Watch our video review and find out. 

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