Use a virtual punch card and dot matrix printer to search for cats online

Want to see how your grandad would have used the Google back in the day? Well now you can

If you're nostalgia sensors are still tingling from our foray into the forgotten sounds of tech then you'll be delighted to hear that you can now use a virtual old fashioned computer punch card and dot matrix printer to search the interwebs with Google.

Web designer Norbert Landsteiner's Google 60 lets you type in queries with an onscreen keyboard before punching the relevant information into a computer card – a bit of kit considered old even by the Stuff office elders.

Type in "cats" for example and you'll be greeted with an onscreen dot matrix printout, with glorious sound effects to boot. It's the perfect way to kill 15 minutes on a depressingly wet Friday afternoon, even if it does decrease your productivity by 95 per cent.

[Google 60]

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