This Tumbler Batmobile iPhone case is absolutely insane. But we still want one

There is nothing about this that makes sense. Nothing. At. All. So why is it on our Christmas list?

Like a TOWIE box set, the object you see above simply, absolutely should not exist. But yet, there it is. 

A Tumbler Batmobile iPhone case.

What the...

Well, it's quite simple really. Bandai's case is is quite clearly a replica of the Tumbler Batmobile from Christopher Nolans' Dark Knight Trilogy, and it will increase the chunkiness of your iphone by a factor of 30.

It's got built-in LEDs (because, why not), and the front wheel retracts, offering access to the power button.

Oh, and did we mention that its got a bat signal encased within it too? Because it totally does.

It can be yours for US$60, which is a small price to pay for a phone that'll help Batmouse fight crime in its spare time.

[Bandai via Gizmodo]