Tron: Uprising series prologue debuts online

The new animated series, set between the two films, has a prologue episode online now

Disney, in possession of Daft Punk's excellent Tron soundtrack, is giving us more in an animated TV series that should sound electrifying. While the Tron Legacy film might not have done so great Tron: Uprising – airing on Disney XD on June 7th – was going to have its first episode online this Friday 18th May. But it's been released early.

The Tron: Uprising prologue episode titled Beck’s Beginning, is available now on YouTube for Americans, and is probably floating about the web in less savoury spots for UK fans. The series stars Elijah Wood as Beck, with Mandy Moore as Mara, and Bruce Boxleitner as Tron.

If you want more Tron treats check out the real-life Tron lightcycle here. If you’re in the US you can enjoy Beck’s Beginning here. Or for UK dwellers watch the trailer below.

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