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Triumph’s hacked Bonneville is less scary than you think

Looks like a hog, rides like a unicorn

Yikes. What am I going to do with that?

Clear your lines, is what. While your body is a solid object, impervious to various sorts of ingress and accretion, your soul is a flimsy net of interconnected experiences which you drag through the raw effluent of modern existence. Over time, fears and worries accrue, making you all heavy and harumphy. And not a little whiffy.

You’ve been watching the free-to-air channels again.

No, it’s true. And the best way to clear the clogged fibres of your being? The vibration of a big twin cylinder engine combined with a 60mph headwind. Ideally, on a boss custom-style motorcycle such as Triumph’s new Bonneville Bobber (£tba, due Feb 2017).

But motorcycles are dangerous! So, custom motorcycles like this must be both dangerous and uncomfortable.

Ah, but this is no back-alley hack. This is a factory bike, a modified version of Triumph’s latest T120 Bonneville. Despite its minimalist ‘bobber’ look, it has proper suspension, a light torque-assist clutch, ABS and even traction control with a ‘rain’ mode.

You might look like a hot-headed rebel, but under your leathers you’ll be cool as a cucumber. And your soul? Squeaky clean and flying free.