Tiny Wings sequel available now as free update

Tiny Wings 2.0 adds 15 new levels, plus an HD version for iPad users – and it’s free if you already own the game

For a brief time, Tiny Wings was the bird game to be seen playing on your iPhone. Then Rovio released a bunch of new Angry Birds levels and we all forgot about Andreas Illiger’s simple-yet-beautiful title.

Well, now it’s time to go back to it, because the sequel is out. At least, what was originally going to be the sequel is out – and it’s been released as a free update to the existing game. So if you already own Tiny Wings, Tiny Wings 2.0 won’t cost you a penny. And if you don’t, well, it’s a piffling 69p, so get it anyway.

The update features a completely new game mode with 15 new levels, as well as Retina Display graphics for both iPhone and iPad. iCloud support syncs the game between multiple devices – handy if you play on both an iPad and your phone.

[iTunes via Mac|Life]

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