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These rose-tinted glasses read people’s emotions

O2Amps glasses amplify your ability to read what's going on beneath the skin

We’ve all been in situations where it would be helpful to know what people are thinking. First dates, poker games, court appearances, you know the sort of thing. Fortunately, the O2Amps specs from 2AI Labs have come along to save your bacon.

These rose-tinted glasses promise to make you look like Cyclops and read minds like Professor X. They work by amplifying your ability to see oxygenation levels in the blood beneath the skin. We can already tell whether someone’s afraid, ill or embarrassed by the pallor of their skin – caused by oxygenation modulations in the haemoglobin under the skin. The O2Amps glasses emphasise the variations using three different filters.

They’ve been developed in order to help medical professionals locate veins and detect trauma and cyanosis – but their creator Mark Changizi reckons that they have applications in the social sphere, too.

They won’t quite make you a mind reader, but we could see ourselves hitting the poker tables with a pair.

[via PSFK]

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