Symbol Audio Modern Record Console is made for vinyl lovers

Tovin Design has been showing off its beautiful Hi-Fi at New York Design Week – our old turntable doesn't stand a chance

The Modern Record Console is the Hi-Fi our lounge has been crying out for. It's a hand built tube amplifier and turntable, second amp, subwoofer and wireless streaming, all packed into a handmade walnut shell that wouldn't look out of place in Don Draper's apartment. It's the best of both worlds – a sexy new way to spin records for vinyl enthusiasts plus a digital mode that'll stream tunes from any digital source thanks to a built-in router.

The catch? Tovin Design want a cool US$15,000 (£9,500) for one of these units. But if we've just crushed your dreams with that row of noughts and you've got a stash of LPs knocking around, we'd still recommend checking out Tovin Design's Symbol Audio range.

The smaller Tabletop HiFi is a set of subwoofers that you can use to listen to records or your iTunes playlists and is US$1800 (£1150). We're also fans of the LP Storage Cabinet which has drawers for CDs and DVDs and bigger bins for over 600 LPs. Still, if we had a choice we know which one we'd take.

(via core77)

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