Stuff magazine March 2021 issue out now

It's got a banging dong on it

The latest issue of Stuff magazine is out now and it's a smart home special.

Why? Well, why not? But mainly because consumer insight shows that, when it comes to the smart home, cost versus the value you’re going to get from a gadget is the deciding factor in whether to buy it. We’re also told that people are bewildered by the choice, and because everything seems so complicated they give up.

We feel you. So this month we’ve attempted to unravel the smart home maze: which platforms exist, which products are worth your time and money, and how to provide a sound broadband basis so everything works as it should. 

Stuff magazine March 2021: Hot Stuff

Hit up the Hot Stuff section for a virtual CES gadget spectacular (usually in Las Vegas), our picks from the NAMM music tech show (usually in Anaheim) and Samsung Galaxy Unpacked (wherever Samsung feel like it). 

All three took place somewhere called ‘the internet’ this year, and there are masses of shiny new things to get clammy about.


Stuff magazine March 2021: Expert reviews

Elsewhere, we run the rule over some amazing wireless speakers from Q Acoustics and Audio Pro, a vibrating pebble promising to reduce stress, two murderous video games likely to increase it, super soundbars for smaller budgets, plus a connected treadmill for anyone who made a fortune from GameStop shares.

Stuff magazine March 2021: How to get your copy

We're pretty confident we've got the best writers, weirdest puns and most beautifully produced pages in tech.

The nice part is you can buy an old school print copy delivered direct to your door or a new school digital edition delivered direct to your inbox. Either way, they both look well fit. 

Head over to the Kelsey store for the best single copy and subscription offers (great for gifting). Alternatively, we're on the App Store, otherwise Readly and PocketMags will see you right. 

Thanks as always for your continued support in our 25th anniversary year with some exciting announcements to come soon.