Stuff Backstage: this is what life is really like at MWC 2014

The show's over, but there's still much to enjoy on Backstage (if you like tutting at idiotic tech journalists, that is)
Stuff Backstage at MWC 2014

You've spent countless hours poring over the boundary-pushing kit that's launched at the world's premier technology conferences and exhibitions - but did you ever want to be at those shows yourself? 

To smell the smell of ten thousand sweaty tech journalists? To traipse the carpeted halls until you build up a head of static strong enough to floor you when you come within three feet of a metal door? To actually see and touch the technology that's going to rock your world over the next 12 months?

Of course you did. And here's your chance (sort of). Stuff Backstage is a repository for Stuff hacks' behind-the-scenes observations from Mobile World Congress 2014, the world's biggest and most important mobile tech exhibition.

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Stuff Backstage at MWC 2014
Stuff Backstage at MWC 2014
Stuff Backstage at MWC 2014

Previous MWC highlights include the reveal of the HTC One X, the Sony Xperia Tablet Z and Nokia's stunning PureView camera tech. This year we're expecting to see the Samsung Galaxy S5, new Samsung smartwatches and some super-powerful new devices from LG and Sony.

We'll be showing you the sights and sounds of Barcelona in the grip of a festival of technology. There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be Instagram images of La Sagrada Familia despoiled by massive projected technology company logos. But most of all there will be lots and lots of excellent new gadgets to look at.

Check out Stuff Backstage right here, and keep it bookmarked - it's going to get ugly.