Spotify reveals 13 new music apps

The music streaming giant has unveiled a host of apps designed to rock your world, or at the very least, your ears

Music streaming giant Spotify has revealed a plethora of 13 new apps courtesy of labels including Warner, EMI and Sony, which it hopes will enhance your music listening experience.

Apps like The Complete Collection look to bring something a little extra to music streaming by providing lyrics, notes and information while you listen to songs.

Filtr is another new app with a focus on social listening, scanning the tastes of your Facebook friends and building playlists for you to aurally peruse at your pleasure (or agony, depending on your friends).

TweetVine listens to all tweets on Twitter with the #NowPlaying hashtag and forms a Spotify chart from the results so you can keep up to date with what's hot in the Twittersphere.

Check out Spotify for the full lowdown on the new additions to Spotify's app family, and happy listening.

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