Spark tablet runs Linux and won't break the bank

Calling all tablet tinkerers – Spark's Linux tablet wants you to join it on the open-source road

When a tablet sports a ridiculously cheap price tag, it's always best to figure out if it falls into rubbish territory before getting your hopes up – as is the case with Spark's 7in £165 slate, the first free software tablet on the market.

It turns out Spark's tablet is far from rubbish, rocking an open-source Linux-based OS with an interface dubbed KDE Plasma Active UX, tailored specifically to tablet use. So if you're the type who likes to tweak your gadgetry and program your own software (minus the jailbreaking) the Spark Tab is aiming its wares at you.

Running on a single-core 1GHz processor and rocking a capacitive 800 x 480 pixel display, 1.3MP camera and 500GB of RAM means it’s not exactly going to set the tablet world on fire, but its combination of features means the Spark opens the doors to a completely different type of operating system and tablet experience for slate users.

And while KDE Plasma Active is an OS name you don't hear getting bandied about very often, this device represents an interesting alternative to the current bunch of Android tabs and the rectangle king itself, the iPad.

If you're interested, the Spark will be hitting the shelves around May for £165, with pre-orders starting this week.

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