Sony readying multitouch PSP2?

It's been a while since we heard a good PSP2 rumour, so we're glad to report that the web has come alive this morning with some more gossip about a su

Game site IGN is citing "several credible sources" pointing towards a new model. And we're not just talking a pared down, Slim & Lite style model. No sirree. This new PSP2 will apparently come with multitouch, designed not only to prod your way around the XMB, but also for in–game control. Yep, just like the iPhone.

Sony has unsurprisingly kept its trap firmly shut. But surely with rumours growing, Sony must have something lined up for the end of the year. Could the PSP 4000 we heard about at the end of 2008 be something much cooler than we first thought?

Apple told us last year that their platform was the future of handheld gaming. It looks as if Sony might just agree. What do you think? Tell us now in the comments section!