Sony Ericsson talks up HD 20MP camera phone

The mobile megapixel wars has already started heading into the realms of the ridiculous, with 8MP models looking like yesterday's news. Samsung's alre

Yep, you read that right gadget fans. Engadget has managed to unearth some pretty tasty looking docs which show off plans to converge an SLR–quality camera, Full HD video, a high–res screen and internet up to an astonishing 100Mbps.

While this could all be put down as a pipe dream (and there's been plenty of fanciful phone nonsense doing the rounds in 2008), the fact that Sony Ericsson is talking about it at all suggests that we could actually be seeing one of these in the not–too–distant future.

For now though, we'll have to do with 8MP instead. Take a peek at our video of the Sony Ericsson C905 in action to see exactly what it can do.