Sony Ericsson T715 launches on 3

If you're fed up of all this touchscreen nonsense, Sony Ericsson and 3 are taking you back to the good old days of the slider phone with the T715, aim

Featuring an integrated Twitter application only available on the 3 network, the app gives you one click access to you Twitter page where you can read, reply and search for tweets, as well as upload photos directly from your phone to Twitpic.

Facebookers aren't left out of the equation though with its own dedicated app, as well as a YouTube uploader and email on 3 service which provides two-click access to Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Gmail, complete with push email.

Aside from all the internet malarky, there's also a 2.2-inch screen, large keypad for all your texting and a 3.2 megapixel camera with flash for snapping your mates on the go.

As an exclusive to 3, you can pick up the T715 for £99 on PAYG or from free on the £15 Texter tariff, and it'll be available in silver, pink and grey.

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