Sonos unveils new ZonePlayers in BU150 bundle

Sonos’ multiroom system has always been a gadget much–loved here at Stuff Towers. And now we can bring you news that the whole lot is gett

The new ZP120 is a massive 43 per cent smaller than its predecessor, with the ZP90 acting as a receiver for wirelessly streaming music. Both use MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, meaning their range has also been doubled compared to the older models. Great news if you happen to live in a particularly huge house or want to stick a receiver at the bottom of the garden.

While the ZP120 comes with its own amp and can be connected to any speakers, the ZP90 acts as a receiver and can be attached to any stereo.

You can snag the ZP120 for £349 and the ZP90 for £249, or grab the pair as part of the BU150 bundle, with the Sonos CR100 controller, for £699. Hefty, but then you won’t find many systems as neat as this.

And if you do opt for the lot, you get £100 worth of downloadable content via the new Sonos Software 2.6 package, with tunes from the likes of emusic and livedownloads.

You can find out exactly what we made of the new Sonos in our in–depth review and a very special hands–on review. And look out for the October issue of Stuff, out early September, where we put the new Sonos through its paces.


Sonos BU150 Bundle

Price: £699

On sale: Now

Contact: Sonos