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The Snyper One buys you into 2016’s biggest trend

Laughably butch watches? Nope: modular gadgets

Yikes, what’s happened here?

The Convergence Clock has swung back around to midnight again, is what, and all is undone. Where once was do-it-all gadgets, 2016 is all about modularity and doohickery. You’ve got USB-C port replicators hanging out of your laptop, Lightning-headphone adaptors dangling from your phone and action cams on 3-axis gimbals suction-cupped onto anything spare. Basically, if you don’t look like a nightmare mash-up of Johnny-5 and Jack Sparrow, you best stay out of the discotheque. No disassemble!

So, what, this is a modular watch?

Not the first modular watch, by any means. Remember the Pop Swatch? Or the Lego watches of a couple of years ago? But this is different to those brightly coloured accessories. This is the Snyper One and, as the name suggests, it’s a watch for people who think guns are cool. Hence, the add-on laser/torch module you see it here with. And, slightly less hence, the not pictured cigar cutter/lighter module. Because people who like guns, smoke cigars. Natch.

We British do not think guns are cool.

Indeed we do not. Revenge fantasies for us are more likely to involve cunningly backing that person into an embarrassing social faux-pas. Brap! The ladies of the ‘hood will be tittering at ye for many moons, Sir! But, tell you what – we do love a watch. And the Snyper, for all its sniper-scope details, is a proper automatic with a Swiss movement and a US$8200 price tag. It’s also waterproof to 100m, which is evidence of proper manufacture… though the cigar lighter won’t work at that depth.

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