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Smell-o-vision TV pumps scents into your nostrils

Forget 4K TV. Forget 3D. This smelly telly will have you sniffing the air like a bloodhound in a cattery

We’re not sure if smelling the pungent perfume of dismembered orc will add anything to watching the Hobbit on Blu-ray, but that hasn’t stopped a team from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and technology from developing a prototype telly with smell-o-vision technology.

The modified display uses scent-loaded gel pellets which are blasted into the watcher’s face from an air stream on each corner of the display.

The scents themselves are blown in a carefully controlled manner to give the impression that they’re emanating from behind the screen, though we’re not entirely sure why that would matter. The smell of fried donuts would be tantalisingly delicious from whichever direction it seduced our olfactory glands from.

[via SlashGear]

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