SlingPlayer Mobile gets it on with BlackBerry

Watching TV on the move is about to go large, thanks to BBC iPlayer getting a proper mobile website. But SlingPlayer has been with the programme for s

The new service goes live on 30 December, letting punters watch whatever TV's going on at home via their work mobile. From the start, there'll be support for the BlackBerry Bold, the new Curve 8900, Pearl Flip and the classic Pearl too. Sadly though, there's no mention of the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm getting involved.

RIM and Sling Media are apparently working on support for more devices, but if you're keen to stop emailing all and sundry and catch up Jeremy Kyle, then this has to be worth a look.

For more on Sling goodies, make sure you check out or hands on video of the killer new SlingCatcher.


SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry

Price: £Free

On sale: 30 December

Contact: Sling Media