Security flaw discovered in HTC devices

Your powerful shiny Android blower may have an Achilles heel…

Bad news for owners of Android-powered HTC phones – researchers have discovered a security vulnerability which can give internet-connected apps the power to access personal information including location data, text messages, email addresses and phone numbers.

The flaw arrived as part of a recent software update in which HTC’s logging tools proved to be the cause of the issue and the vulnerability can be found in any installed app which requests permission to connect to the internet.

The Taiwanese mobile giants are no doubt tinkering away in their labs for a fix, although users with rooted devices can remove the logging tools themselves if they feel brave enough, by following the instructions in the researchers' report.

UPDATE HTC has released a statement saying that while no customers seem to have been affected by third-party malware apps, HTC handset owners can download an over-the-air security update – once it has been put through its paces in tests.


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